Colorful Newport, Rhode Island Wedding on the Water


Kind, generous, present, and fun are all words I could easily use to describe Addy and Cam! You would never believe the journey these two went through on their wedding day.

Addy and Cam had a wedding venue right on the water, the whole goal was to have the stunning backdrop of the ocean and sailboats behind them during the ceremony and reception. On Wednesday of their wedding week, it was confirmed that the weather wasn’t just going to be overcast and misting, it was going to be a full-on storm. These two handled it with so much grace. Though I know it wasn’t easy because so many plans shifted, they had the most beautiful florals, an insanely beautiful design created by the bride, and a dance floor that had my ears ringing for days because every guest was on the dance floor. It was SUCH a fun day despite the weather.

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the trust that these two had in me. From photos under porches, changing locations of the family portraits on the day of the wedding, and still loving me even though I was standing in the pouring rain having to yell, “OKAY NOW Y’ALL CAN TURN TOWARDS EACH OTHER AND KISS!” looking like a little wet rat…they were beyond trusting in letting me take the reins to make sure their photos were everything they wanted.

Thank you, A & C for the best day!

January 19, 2024




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