Napa Engagement Photos


The amount of trust these two had in me was UNMATCHED! They let me pick the location we shot at in Napa but EVEN BETTER than that, they were down to *maybe* do a little trespassing (sshhhh) and let me pull over on the side of the road when we saw some great spots!

There is something so magical about just going with it for couples’ photos. On the wedding day, so much is structured. From the timeline of the day to certain shots everyone wants (and understandably so!), which is why I am such an advocate for engagement photos. It is a time to just be.

Yes, it is a time to figure out what to do in front of the camera, but even bigger than that, it feels like a small window into how sweet it can be to slow down and focus on each other. Typing this I realize how absurdly cheesy that sounds but after 7 years of weddings, I see how hard it can be for couples to take a beat on the big day. I hope that anytime a couple gets in front of my camera, they don’t feel like there is a massive agenda or goal other than capturing them just being together. That’s when all the real emotions and moments come!

Cheers to you, Anne & Robert!

June 1, 2022




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