Melissa & Ryan: A Courthouse Wedding


There’s courthouse elopements and then there are COURTHOUSE ELOPEMENTS, YYAASS! Okay, here’s what I mean…Melissa and Ryan didn’t just sneak off to the courthouse to tie the knot. They invited their friends and family, got all glammed up, said “I do”, popped champagne and finished the day off with an epic sunset cruise around the Bay. Are you kidding!? What a DREAM! And let’s not forget to mention that the weather was absolutely perfect that day so the boat cruise was epic.

I figured this was the perfect time to share their day since COVID-19 is impacting so many couples and weddings.

If you are considering running off to the courthouse either to get married or to get married and have a reception later, I hope these photos are some inspiration for you! Here are some creative ways to bring in your family and friends if you are opting for the courthouse:

  1. Sunset Cruise: Be like M & R and do a sunset boat cruise with an intimate group of friends and family
  2. BBQ & Drinks: Go back to a family or friend’s backyard and have a BBQ and cocktails (I have photographed a backyard BBQ also and it was a BLAST)
  3. Winery or Brewery: Head to a winery or brewery for a tasting and more time to hang with your people
  4. Get a dessert & champagne: You can still hold some traditions while ditching others, and who doesn’t love some sweets with a toast?


I highly recommend hiring your photographer for any fun festivities afterward so that you can have more photos with your group that is celebrating but also because courthouse elopements are pretty quick. Having a photographer stay to capture more photos will be great to give you more variety in your gallery and be able to get some extra portraits of y’all in a different location!



May 15, 2020




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