Neal & Katherine: A City Hall Wedding


Did you hear the news?!

I am a new member of The Wing SF!  To say that working from home has been hard on my heart would be a MASSIVE understatement. I mean, I couldn’t be more of an extrovert. I don’t even slightly have any introvert in me.

Give me more people, plz.

Taking the train into the city and hanging out around SF only means one thing…I have WAY more openings for city hall weddings! San Francisco City Hall is an iconic spot to tie the knot if you are hoping for a more casual & low key day. 

Neal and Katherine reached out about their wedding day in City Hall and I can’t explain how fun it was to have them both SO relaxed, just hanging out waiting to get married. They also had a Sangeet (which photos will be coming soon from that!) and a traditional wedding in Katherine’s home state on the East Coast.

Here’s what they said about why they chose to do three separate days:

“Neal is Indian and we knew we wanted to do traditional Indian events as part of our fusion wedding but chose to do a separate City Hall ceremony because we met and live in San Francisco.  Amongst the high energy and very fun events it was nice to have an intimate event in a place that represents our lives and not to mention, is very beautiful!  It was just us and a few close friends/family and our amazing photographer (@southandwestphoto) so it meant a lot to us to have a few hours making our legal commitment to each other before all the events started taking place.  We had also asked a best friend of ours to officiant our fusion wedding a few weeks after our City Hall ceremony, so it was easy for her as she didn’t need to be ordained (it was in Virginia) since we were already married! “

I adored spending Neal & Katherine’s day with them and loved that they brought together their cultures, traditions, and their own personal relationship and experiences to make their wedding experience perfect for them. Congratulations again, Neal and Katherine!


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February 24, 2020




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