Sarah & Merrik: Fox Hall Resort Wedding


I went to dinner the other night with one of my 2021 couples and the bride’s mom tagged along. At the end of our dinner she asked, “What can we do to set you up well for wedding day?” I just stared back in awe. Here’s why:

This year I will hit over 100 weddings since I started my business. 1 0 0 WEDDINGS. And in my entire time as a photographer, I have never been asked that. Obviously, my couples are a dream and support me but I loved how she worded the question.

Because here’s the thing, you can go into wedding day with expectations (of course!) and with hopes and ideas for photos (yes!) BUT the greatest thing you can do for your photographer is to tell them you are FOR them. This will NOT happen if you don’t trust them, which is another issue all together.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

So here’s some ways to support your photographer:

-Clear communication.

-Ask for their advice.

-Tell them photos that are your must haves pre-wedding.

-Being for them, this includes: listening to their advice on locations, trusting their photo timeline, warning them about crazy family or friends (and helping protect them from that person, let’s be real, it happens)

-Voicing any and all concerns BEFORE wedding day to set up a game plan (things like rain, family photo organization, etc.)

All of those things that I just listed are EXACTLY what Sarah and Merrik did on wedding day. I was so excited to head back to the South for their sweet wedding day just outside of Atlanta. Not only did they communicate how much they trusted me but their family and friends were so kind and willing to walk, laugh, and smile through all the different moments throughout the day. I would shoot this day again and again. 




Vendor Team:


Venue: Fox Hall Resort


Planning: Evermore

Floral: Bloomin Bouquets

Hair & Makeup: Bristle & Bride

Dress: Stella York

February 3, 2020




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