Camera Gear & Travel Part 2


These are the links continued from the previous post, starting at the Pelican Carry on Case with a lid organizer and dividers included. The photos correspond with the list below:

  • Pelican 1510 Case with lid organizer and dividers

  • Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L

  • Peak Design Clutch CL-2 Quick Attaching Hand Strap

  • Pelican 0945 Compact Flash Memory Card Case

  • Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case (This one is for SD cards)

  • Apple iMac

  • Apple MacBook Pro

  • Western Digital 4TB Passport Portable External Hard Drive (I have multiple.)

  • Unitek Card Reader

  • Samsung Portable SSD T5 (this is amazing for wedding days, it is tiny and don’t hold multiple weddings but it is fast so you can upload on site then transfer to your bigger hard drives after)

  • Pelican 1010 Micro Case Series (for my small SSD external hard drive, this won’t fit a WD hard drive)

  • Pelican 1040 Micro Case Series (for my larger external hard drive, this is the more standard size and fits two external hard drives in it)

May 2, 2019




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