Ali & Ryan: Petaluma Engagement Session


Sometimes you plan and plan and then everything gets hijacked the day of the session! Let me tell you about Ali & Ryan’s engagement photos…we had every intention of meeting at the beach and doing some epic beach photos together at a spot that these cuties loved. Well, in my Type A fashion, I arrived about 45 minutes early. As I pull up, I can HEAR the wind and it is shaking the truck (I was in Matthew’s massive Silverado so you know it was really windy). So I decided to get out and see what’s going on. Y’all, I am not kidding, I was seriously about to BLOW OVER. Sand was flying in my eyes, my hair was all over the place and there were at least 10 windsurfers in front of me, aka it was perfect surfing conditions, not so perfect photo conditions.

So, I called up Ali and told her what was happening, thankfully, not only did they trust me but arrived early, aka giving us extra time to turn around, and we whipped our cars out of there and raced to Petaluma. We went to a spot that they love because of the view (I mean, how stunning?!) and we may or may not have been trespassing the whole time but it was WORTH. IT. I am obsessed with all the photos and that they brought their sweet pup along.

January 17, 2019




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