I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia but moved out to California in January 2018. Both places have such a special place in my heart. Although this dream of a business started in the South and grew there, I feel like I really embraced my style and my personality when I moved out to California. Do you get it? South & West Photo! I am married to an incredible man named Matthew, he has the best Southern accent and even after 5 and a half years of being his, I am still obsessed with him in every way. 

But here's the thing, if I have learned anything in the past year and a half of living opposite coasts of all my people (read: my nieces & nephews and my sister) it is that photos and moments matter. Family matters. Friends matter.

And that is exactly what I am here for.


So here's the reality: you are going to plan your wedding for months. Hours of planning. A million emails exchanged between vendors. And the big day comes, and it is incredible and then you realize it FLEW by. The small and big moments all pass. But those people and those moments? The precious ones that mean the most...The kiss your grandma gave you when she saw you in your dress, your groom holding your hand throughout the reception, the photo of you and your sister. Those moments are the ones you will want to go back on.

Traveling is one of the best parts of my job and I am forever excited to get to explore around with sweet couples! Here are some of the places I have been and where I am headed. If I'm not traveling, I'm adventuring and shooting in California!




-New York City, NY
-New Orleans, LA
-Houston, TX
-Atlanta, GA
-Seaside, FL
-Raleigh, NC
-Birmingham, AL

-Maui, HI (October 3-7)
-Charleston, SC (October 18-20)
-Seattle, WA (November 2019)
-New York City, NY (December 2019)

Where should we go together?

I teach yoga at Corepower Yoga twice a week to feed my love for health and fitness.

My husband and I love to travel and have a list of things to do that gets longer every day.

The Amazon bookstore and Trader Joe's employees all know who I am because I frequent both of them regularly.

I LOVE the business side of my business. I studied Marketing in college and I love talking all things business strategies, ideas, and goals.

"She kept us laughing throughout and so comfortable that we didn’t even notice someone was taking pictures. She has an eye for those perfect shots and doesn’t let anything get in the way from getting those."