You know time management is my JAM. I fully believe that time is our most valuable resource. You can’t buy time but yet it’s something we seem to waste easily. From not planning days to doing the same work tasks, again and again, I believe there is a way to systemize your time to make […]

Would you confidently walk up to your dream client and recite your Instagram bio? If not, we need to talk! Your Instagram bio is your FIRST impression on a follower. It is your 20 second elevator pitch. I’m talking your PRIME real estate. It needs to be your elevator pitch for helping someone understand what […]

Say WHAAAAT?! You read that right. I launched a course! It is ALL about INSTAGRAM and it is called “Elevate Your Instagram”! Over 50% of my ideal clients come from Instagram, I have found creative ways to keep caption writing spicy and fun, learned what people like and don’t like on videos, and so much […]