Did you hear the news?! I am a new member of The Wing SF!  To say that working from home has been hard on my heart would be a MASSIVE understatement. I mean, I couldn’t be more of an extrovert. I don’t even slightly have any introvert in me. Give me more people, plz. Taking […]

OHHH, San Francisco! What a place. The city, the food, the people watching, it is all so much fun to see and be a part of. Matthew and I live in the East Bay so we are just a short drive into the city. With that comes getting asked what SF to-do’s we suggest. From […]

Logan & Turner reached out about an anniversary session while they were going to be here in California visiting from Nashville. They were making their way to the Bay Area but we decided to go with a Lake Tahoe session and it was the MOST dreamy session. We went in the river, frolicked in a […]

Y’all freaked out over these photos on Instagram just as much as I did while taking them! Skye & Irl were TOO stunning and the sunset that we got at the end of our session will forever be one of my favorite moments, the California sun was really showing off that night. We hiked with […]