EP 007: Be a Person Worth Knowing


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Rather than looking at others to try to see what they give you, what happens when you look inward at what you provide for them? I am sharing three quick ideas surrounding the concept of becoming a person worth knowing to help drive you towards value.

Why is this idea of being someone worth knowing something that can really drive you towards becoming an extremely valuable person? I’m glad you asked!

Valuable vs. Successful

As I was working on some Instagram content recently, something I found myself writing was, “Being valuable is better than being successful.” Then, I realized I had so many thoughts a single Instagram post simply could not cover, which resulted in this episode. 

So, let’s talk about what being valuable versus being successful looks like in someone. How do you add value to someone’s life? How do you become someone worth knowing?

Value > Success

So often, we think that if we chase success we will become a valuable person; if we achieve success, we will be of value to others. People will want to hang out with us more, raise our pay, tell others about me. We tell ourselves, “When I achieve X, I will become a person of value.”

But I think it’s backward! When you are a person of value, success follows. 

When looking up the basic definition of each word, success is defined as “the goal that is associated with an individual or group.” Value is “the path that is taken to get there.”

You want to be the person who automatically comes to mind when someone hears about an opportunity, talks about a subject, or meets someone new because of the value that you bring. Because you are so worth knowing, they become an ambassador for you, which results in open doors!

How to Become a Person of Value

Talk less, listen more. Start listening to those around you and their needs. Try to be a problem solver to see how you can bring value to the table in order to fix problems. Listen first and see what you can do!

Invest in yourself. Whether it’s through podcasts, networking opportunities, books, etc., expand your horizons in order to expand your knowledge.

Champion others. Focus on cultivating a heart that champions others; a heart that is focused on rooting for those around you! 

Don’t wait for open doors. Create your own! Let others see the value that you know lies within. 

Continue to increase your knowledge and who you are as a person. This is how you become a person of value.

Fill  Your Cup

Maybe you have heard the phrase, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

Friend, this is it! This is how you do it! You increase what you pour into yourself so that you can focus on pouring out and impacting lives.  

Open Those Doors

This is a gamechanger in a business setting. No matter what your job title is, you are always selling you and there are always opportunities. Build that value, become a person worth knowing, and open those doors!


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September 24, 2020




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