EP 004: Preventing the Frustration of Burnout


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Have you ever hit a season of life where you feel completely drained? Especially if you feel those emotions towards a job, task, relationship, etc. that you were previously thriving in? If so, you might have been in a season of burnout. In this episode, Morgan discusses the four areas you need to be aware of to prevent burnout in your life so you are able to take care of you to be able to show up fully to everything you do. 

Today’s topic is one that’s really hard to talk about and one I never thought I would go through. That is, burnout.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a depletion of energy in an area of life that you used to be motivated in/passionate about. 

I first heard this term through other entrepreneurs, but what I didn’t realize is that burnout comes in all different phases of life and it typically manifests itself in one way- usually in what you spend the most time on.

The season of burnout wasn’t the hardest part for me. It was the season of recovery that I struggled with the most.

It is so important that you are taking the steps to prevent burnout. If you have experienced it before, you are not exempt from going through this again. 

On the Outside Looking In…

In August 2019, from the outside looking in, I was the definition of thriving. I had everything going for me. I had the highest income I had ever made, my marriage was thriving, and I moved my life and business to California. Ya girl was truly on top of the world. And I felt on top of the world up until August 2019.

I can remember thinking I would never have burnout because I love my job so much. 

In July 2019, I had a conversation with a friend and they asked me if I find my job to be very stressful. I looked at them and said, “No, I really don’t feel stressed out. I have my systems and my routines to help me show up and not be overwhelmed.

This is how unaware I was that I was not taking care of myself. Like, I was honestly delusional.

But get this.

Personal Example of Burnout

While working a wedding soon after, I took a look at my Apple watch and my stress level was at a 99. The highest it can be is 100. 

The craziest part is I didn’t feel stressed out. I had it all under control and the day was going great. But my body was reacting as if I was internally stressed.

This moment stopped me dead in my tracks and made me want to figure out how often I was living at a peak of stress. Come to find out, it was constantly. 

With that in mind, let’s talk about the four you need to be aware of to prevent burnout in your life so you are able to take care of you to be able to show up fully to everything you do. 


Make sure you are taking care of your mental health! This means calling a friend when you are having a hard time, being honest with your spouse when you need help, being vulnerable about your desire to talk to someone about what’s going on in your head in conjunction with taking care of yourself–bubble baths, exercise, whatever you need to chill out.


On a scale of 1-10, how are you with your emotions? Do you feel as if you are staying in a healthy state of, “I’m doing great” or do you feel as if you are on a rollercoaster of emotions? 


How are you physically? Are you drinking enough water? Getting enough sleep? Are you moving your body or sitting at home feeling like a big bag of potato chips (real talk: this is what I felt like when I was burned out in August 2019 because I wasn’t putting in the work to take care of me).


I don’t mean this in a religious way, although you can totally pursue religion if this is something you want to do.

I more so mean, do you feel connected to a purpose for a being? Do you feel like you are on the right path and in your right purpose? Oftentimes this comes through meditation and journaling, really anything that connects your mind with your body. 

Take Care of Yourself

These four areas are the things that really pour into your life, so make sure you are an active participant in each one. 


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September 2, 2020




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