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Photo by Molly Carr

You know how much I believe in florals, floral design, and letting your florist’s creativity run wild on wedding day…which is why I am so excited to have Morgan join us today. She is a mix of classic elegance, texture, and unique design. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be down for that for their beautiful wine country wedding! Take it away, Morgan!

Tell us a little about you! Where are you located and what services do you offer?

Hi! I’m Morgan, I am the owner and lead designer of Blooms by Morgan which is located in Napa, Ca. I offer services for weddings, events, and editorial shoots locally and destination.

Tell us your story! How did you become a full-time florist?

Before I became a florist, I was working full time as an elementary school teacher back in Illinois. I wanted to channel my creative side and start a small part-time business during my summers off. I found a little flower cart on FB market place, fixed her up, and started selling flowers by the stem to build bouquets at makers markets and outside local coffee shops. I have always loved photography and social media marketing which was so fun to do for my small flower cart business which was called “Local Blooms” as the time. The business really took off after a couple of months and soon I was being asked to create florals for baby showers, teach bouquet wrapping workshops and provide florals for small weddings. I would spend time watching flower tutorials and practice designing anytime I could get my hands on extra blooms from the cart! I ended up loving being my own boss and working in the wedding industry so I started doing flowers full time and didn’t return to teaching that fall. I now get to design for such amazing clients and am so grateful to have stumbled upon my dream job!

What is your favorite part of being a florist?

This is a hard question… there are so many things I love about my job! One of my favorite florist moments is when I am able to deliver the bouquet to the bride and to see her reaction. It brings me so much joy to have a client love what I made with my own two hands specifically for her on her special day. It really is a priceless moment that makes all the hard behind the scenes work worth it!

How do you like to work with your clients? In-person, over a video call, etc.?

I typically met with many of my clients when I was a florist in Illinois and I absolutely loved those in-person meetings to discuss design and to get to know my clients better. Since moving to California, many of my clients don’t live anywhere close to Napa or even in California so it is hard to meet in person. Now, I typically have a couple of phone calls with my clients and email updates and changes. If I am lucky, I will have the final design meeting a month before the wedding at the venue location!

Are there any trends you are loving or ones that you are hoping to take off?

I am loving the fun textured fillers being used as a replacement for greenery! It gives florals a more modern flare and allows color pallets to really be celebrated without the distraction of so much greenery.

What is something unique a couple can do for flowers to make their day stand out? (Feel free to answer however here, I would personally love to see more color, creativity, and installs so I am hoping to inspire couples to not think they are only limited to bouquets and small centerpieces!)

Investing in a unique floral installation that hasn’t been pinned a million times on Pinterest is always a fun way to have something original and show-stopping at your wedding. Installations can really make an impact in a space and be a great spot for guests to take photos!

If a couple knows exactly what they want and they have inspiration from Pinterest can any florist achieve the look they are hoping for?

I use Pinterest and Instagram photos as inspiration for the client’s visions. It is almost impossible for a designer to replicate a design in a picture. It is so important to have trust in all your vendors. If you have a great connection, communication, and love their work, then I promise you will get your dream florals!

When looking at their budget for flowers, where should a couple prioritize their money to be spent?

I highly recommend prioritizing your budget in florals that will be in the majority of photos and that enhance the space your guests will be spending time in. I also have been leaning clients more in the direction of a large installation at the ceremony that can then be repurposed at the reception!

What are the common mistakes couples make when it comes to florals?

Not necessarily a mistake… but a lot of couples don’t realize that designers can’t get every type of flower all year long. There are specific seasons for certain blooms and those seasons can even be unpredictable. There has to be some sort of expectation that a florist won’t be able to get every one of your dream flowers but there are always so many great substitutions!

Where can people find you to reach out and follow along with your work?


Photo by South & West Photo, Florals by Blooms by Morgan

July 29, 2020




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