Makeup Artist Interview: Olivia Garvin


Photo by Mariana Calderon

Today we are chatting with the lovely Oliva Garvin! Olivia is a beyond talented makeup artist serving the Bay Area. Great makeup makes the BIGGEST difference on wedding day and I am so incredibly excited for y’all to read this interview! Enjoy!

Tell us a little about you! Who you are, where you are from, etc!

Hi there! My name is Olivia, and I am a makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup! After living in LA for 6 years where I attended makeup school, and worked for a highly prestigious makeup company, I’ve come back to my roots in Sonoma County! I am so happy to be home, in the heart of wine country where brides come from far and wide to tie the knot! I love anything that has to do with love and romance, and feel so honored to be a part of a bride’s love story. You can call me a true romantic!

Where are you located and what services do you offer?

I am located in the heart of beautiful Sonoma County. I offer all makeup services, including but not limited to; bridal makeup, special event makeup, private & group makeup lessons.

What is the #1 mistake brides make when it comes to wedding day hair and makeup?

I don’t believe there are really any “mistakes” that a bride can make regarding the bridal beauty process. My number one recommendation would be to schedule a preview session with your makeup and hair artist prior to the wedding. During this session, be as communicative, and honest as possible to make sure the artist can curate a look that makes you feel and look your absolute best!

What are some makeup trends you see becoming popular?

We’ve seen the same trends for the last few seasons- clean, fresh, dewy skin, rosy cheeks, minimal eye shadow, lash enhancement, finished with a soft, natural lip color. These elements allow a bride to still recognize herself when she looks in the mirror, and is the perfect enrichment for professional photographs.

Do you think it is worth doing a trial before their wedding day? Why?

100%! You can’t begin to predict how your look will turn out, and why put yourself through the stress of wondering up until your wedding day? You may love an artist’s work on Instagram, or their website, but I believe it’s vital to have an in-person, hands-on session with your potential artist. I believe doing a preview session beforehand puts you and your artist on the same page regarding the look you’re envisioning, and will give you absolute peace of mind going into your wedding day with the confidence that you will love your look!

What if a bride has NO idea what they want on their wedding day, what are some ways to get inspired?

I would suggest experimenting with doing different looks with your own makeup to see what you feel comfortable with. It’s always helpful to browse Pinterest for makeup and hair inspiration. I always recommend gravitating towards looks and photos in which the model has similar coloring to you, i.e., skin tone, eye color, & hair color.

What are some questions other than pricing/availability that a bride can ask to know if she is a good fit with a makeup & hair artist?

A lot of it is about good vibes and connection. I love to set up phone calls with my potential brides after they’ve initially reached out regarding bridal makeup services. This will allow the bride to get a feel for my personality, and gentleness. I really pride myself on being a good listener, and a calm presence to all of my brides. This makes a world of a difference with how at ease you will feel on your wedding day. Good vibes are everything!

What’s your website and Instagram so we can follow along with your work?

June 24, 2020




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