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I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite websites and systems that I use daily. Being an entrepreneur gets overwhelming quickly. As you start to build and refine your business, you find that you need more systems and websites in place. I have trialed MANY websites, programs, and more and I fully stand behind the ones I listed below. They have truly changed my business. Every company is one that I support and recommend. Full disclosure: if you use one of the links below, I will receive a kickback but this is not a sponsored post and I am not being asked to post about these services.


CRM program for organizing project leads, contracts, questionnaires, pricing guides, etc. Get 50% off your first year:


Email marketing service: Receive 50% off your subscription. When I tell you this doesn’t even compare to Mailchimp…beautifully brand all your emails:


Photo storage software: Receive a bonus 250 MB of storage for using this link:


Pinterest scheduling website: Get a $15 credit to your account using this link:


Goodbye Excel spreadsheets. Say hello to your new, organized, database system:

May 29, 2020




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