3 Ways to Go Further, Faster In Business

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Going further, faster is a way to start experiencing results and see the fire in your soul spark something more to fuel you to keep pushing. I have been able to increase my output by implementing these three tactics. Let’s dive in!

3 ways to go further, faster in your business:

  1. Education: this includes anything from reading a personal development book to taking a course, hiring a coach, having a mentor, attending a conference, listening to a podcast…you get it. When you invest in yourself, your business benefits. If your brain isn’t consuming, your business will suffer. Here are a few of my favorite education tools/resources:
    • Ed Mylett Podcast
    • Tim Ferris Podcast
    • How I Built This Podcast
    • RISE Conference (I attended the virtual one last week!)
    • Traction by Gino Wickman
    • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  2. Outsource: this tends to be the one aspect that new business owners overlook because spending money on something you can do yourself feels like a waste. BUT your time is not only valuable but you double the minds that are working on a task. New ideas, new projects, and more time will open up for your when you start outsourcing.
    • I have an incredible assistant, Elle, who joined the team recently! She is a virtual assistant and she has created SPACE in my days. Space?! What even is that! I have felt this heavy weight of tasks and over-whelming to-do’s lift off my shoulders because of her. She also brings new ideas to the table and helps me think of creative ways to serve y’all better. Even having her energy and excitement around tasks is encouraging, having another person see the vision and work side by side to help me do it is such a gift. I hired her through Rock Solid Virtual Assistants and have a great experience with that process! If you reach out to Rock Solid, tell them I sent you!
    • To the photographers, consider outsourcing your editing.
    • Fellow small business owners, consider outsourcing your tasks that take up more time than they should to free up more time for what you love doing. Things like social media, email marketing, or client communication.
    • If you work a 9-5 job but want more time, consider doing subscriptions like Hello Fresh or Sun Basket. My husband and I did this for the month of March because we were crazy busy with work and it was so nice to have that part of our day taken care of!
  3. Simplify: I don’t know how to express how many DM’s I have received about people asking for the perfect program to do “XYZ”. I totally understand finding websites and programs to use to help run your business BUT your tools are just that. Just tools. Not a fix. A new program, subscription, or app isn’t going to fix why you struggle with time management. It might help you to see tasks but ultimately it is the work you are putting in that ends up helping you. Simplify all your processes. From batch working to planning out your calendar, simplifying is a key way to develop a system.
    • Consider using Asana to get all your tasks, notes, and needs in one place. You can then link it to your Google calendar and various accounts to have it all working together. Streamline your processes so you don’t have to spend time organizing/figuring out what tasks deserves priority.
    • Take a look at your current workflow and get rid of any unnecessary subscriptions or services that you use that cause more work rather than less.


Tell me your thoughts on that! How have you increased your growth in your business? What resources have you invested in?

May 8, 2020




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