What to Include In Your Instagram Bio


Would you confidently walk up to your dream client and recite your Instagram bio? If not, we need to talk!

Your Instagram bio is your FIRST impression on a follower. It is your 20 second elevator pitch. I’m talking your PRIME real estate. It needs to be your elevator pitch for helping someone understand what you do and why you do it.

You might be thinking, “Morgan, my photos and captions show what I do, why do I need to maximize my bio?” SISTER. They aren’t even going to look at your photos and your captions if your bio isn’t captivating, clear, and confident. It needs to show what you do and who you are speaking to.

I see Instagram pages all time that are unclear and not informative. As a result, I don’t follow the page because as a consumer, I don’t understand if they are talk to me. But, however, on the other hand, when I go to a page and they are crystal clear in who they are talking to, I am more than willing to press that follow button to see what else I can learn/buy from them.

But it seems like too much, right? Because trying to sum up everything you want them to know in a few quick statements can cause major writer’s block. Don’t you worry though, you know I’ve got you!

Here are a few things to ABSOLUTELY include in the “about you/info” section of your bio:

  1. Who you are 
  2. What you do
  3. Who you serve
  4. Where you do it from 


Want to learn more about maximizing your bio and make sure people are pressing that follow button?

Click the photo below to download my free guide “Three Steps to Maximize Your Instagram Bio” that takes you step by step to make sure your bio has everything you need.


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May 6, 2020




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