Hey my fellow photographers! I sat down a few weeks back to start really diving into some resources that I could create and share with y’all. Thing to help enhance your client experience, help you feel less overwhelmed with your current workflow, and to help you feel organized and on top of things even if that isn’t your natural personality! I am as type A as it gets. I am beyond passionate about all things business, marketing, and creating workflows/systems that help you to do your actual job (photography) without stress.

Which lead me to…the South & West Photo Questionnaires & Checklists Template Bundle! YAAAS!

Okay let’s break it down with what these include:

  1. Three Questionnaires
  2. Three Checklists
  3. Advice from Morgan
  4. Sample Wording for Emails


Essentially, these tools are specifically for wedding/elopement photographers to see if a client is your perfect fit, get prepped and beyond prepared for wedding day, and to receive genuine feedback along with rockstar reviews. It is YOUR responsibility as the photographer to be prepared. It is not on your couple to make sure you are organized which is why I am here to help!

And again, they are templates! You can take out questions, add questions, make it your own and it is totally up to you!

So what are you waiting on? They are only $25! After purchasing, you will be immediately prompted to create an account to log in to see the portal with all the goods! Create that account and you are good to go!

I cannot wait to hear how they help you in your business!




P.S. When you are loving this bundle, will you share on your Instagram stories and tag me? Or maybe you send this blog post to other photog friends so they can purchase them as well? My circle is only so big and I would love for you to share them with others!

April 20, 2020




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