Brandi & Kyle: A Charleston, South Carolina Engagement


“You don’t lack anything other than alignment for the people whom you can create massive value.” -Sean Wes.

A M E N. I mean, read that again! 👏🏼 What an incredible mindset. When I first started shooting weddings in 2015, I had no idea where I would end up or who my ideal client would be. After a couple of years, I really started to focus on the people that I could serve best once I understood what I could provide through my photography. For example, I figured out that the brides and grooms who value authentic, bright photos but also value schedules and organization clicked with me the best because that came natural to me and I could provide it consistently. 

I believe in pouring into yourself. I believe in learning and growing, always. But I also believe that many of us ALREADY have all the skills and abilities to do what we want. But how do you do that? How do you figure out how to get in alignment in your business and your clients?

Number one is being true to you. If you are trying to be someone else’s business, you will never be able to serve in a way that comes naturally to you. Number two, figure out your monetary value and charge that. The more you skimp on yourself, the faster you will burnout. Number three, say no. Just do it. Start writing a list of red flags, things that you notice that make your gut go, “Uh oh” and then when those red flags pop up, it is an automatic no. And as Rachel Hollis says, “If it isn’t a hell yes, it is a hell no.” This is the one I’ve struggled with the most, and sometimes still do, but I have had the most growth in my business from sticking to this.

Also, value isn’t just talking money, value can be through emotions, trust, support, etc. Value is subjective. Not everyone is going to value you the same so you have to figure out who you can provide the most value to and serve best and chase after them. 

I knew I was in perfect alignment with my ideal clients when I met one of my couples, Morgan and Tommy. They were everything I dreamt of in a couple: excited and Type A organized but also easy-going and trusting. On their wedding day, I met Brandi, who later got engaged and reached out about shooting their engagement photos and wedding day. One of my favorite things as I was planning for this shoot was how trusting they were, they met me in downtown Charleston, South Carolina and followed me ALL over the town. We found little pockets of color and incredible light along the streets that hold so much character. I am obsessed with every single photo and I cannot wait for wedding day this Fall in Charlotte, North Carolina!


February 6, 2020




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